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The Continuing Adventures of
The House Rabbit
By Deborah J Lindsey

Page Three

Harry was our first bunny. He was a Netherland Dwarf mix and his fur was what my son called, "sweater gray"-  a beautiful mix of blacks, whites and grays all woven together. Harry became a house rabbit his third year of life with us. The old expression, "you never really know somebunny until you live with them" was certainly true in Harry's case.  Living with a house rabbit was a new and exciting world for us and "guess what Harry did today " was the topic of many conversations."

Harry lived in a large walk-in closet in our bedroom.  Well, at least his food and water lived there.  Harry lived all over our two bedroom apartment and he didn't miss a thing unless he was taking a serious bunny nap in his bunny cave under our bed.

We all grew used to seeing him resting in doorways in his classic "bunny loaf" position (with his tiny feet all tucked in) or relaxing regal and mysterious in his famous Egyptian Spinx style (with his front paws extended and his hind feet sprawled out behind)  While it was normal for us to see Harry hopping around,  others seemed quite surprised to see a rabbit in the house.

At one point, the apartment complex was for sale and prospective buyers were to inspect each apartment. Hummmm?  What to do with Harry?  He was a caged rabbit when we moved in, and now he was a free-roaming soul.

The time frame of the buyer's visit was unknown and I didn't want to cage Harry all day.  Locking him the closet seemed a cruel solution, so I decided to just let him be.  I thought he'd probably just hide under the bed and sleep. Our visitors came late afternoon and the tour of our apartment went fine.  As we stood in the living room chatting,  Harry came hopping down the hall.  He hopped right up to the smartly dressed woman, stopped and sniffed the her green alligator shoes.  Next he checked out the man's black patent leathers. With his curiosity satisfied, Harry hopped back down the hall and disappeared.  The man stood with his mouth open and the woman almost dropped her clipboard. 

"Was that a rabbit?"  They both stared at each other in disbelief.
I smiled and said nothing.
They departed soon after still shaking their heads. <grin>

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