BunnyT Hareington is a little brown bunny who has a knack for getting into trouble. In this adventure, BunnyT saves an entire town!
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                   Bunny T Hareington
    is a delightful book that small children
will enjoy having read to them. It is an easy-
to-read book about the adventures of one bunny.

The BEST part about this is the price.
This book can be personalized with the child's
                       name inside.
from Venture4th

     Not only is the book wonderfully warm and witty, but it has the cutest illustrations and is mailed to you in a great for fun envelope...
I shared my copy with a little friend and she was thrilled with the story and the pictures and quite impressed  that the author had personalized our copy with her very own name. If you need a special gift or a just for fun surprise keep this
                       little gem in mind.

         This book is
    fantastic and I have
  been spreading the word to family and friends about the wonderful story and illustrations in them. They have had a great reception among my friends.
The personalized idea made                them special to my
from FrenchySandi
Bunny T Hareington may be puchased for $7.00. (Check or Money Order) 
This price includes all shipping and handling charges.

BunnyT is printed on 24lb computer paper,  has 18 pages with a card stock cover and may be personalized at no addtional cost.

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