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                 My Daily Rabbity Routine


EveryBunny gets 1/8 Cup Bunny Basics T Pellets (the "T" is for Timothy)

EveryBunny has hay available at all times to munch on.  It's Timothy Hay from OxBow Hay. Sometimes, I do but I supplement with Orchard Grass, Bunny Brome or Oat Hay for variety..  

                     Daily Supplements

Everybunny gets two papaya/pineapple tablets every morning.
                           Fresh Veggies

EveryBunny gets a variety of vegetables every day. Their main veggie meal is supper but sometimes they get a few greens in the morning for breakfast.

    Staple Veggies

Romaine Lettuce (red & green)
Green Leaf Lettuce
Italian Parsley, Curly Parsley

Occasiomal Veggies

Water Cress
Turnip Greens
Collard Greens
Dandelion Greens

Treat Foods

Graham Crackers (oh my)


EveryBunny has a water bowl, but if I'm going to be away, I use  a back up water bottle as well.  Fresh water every day in the bowls and water bottle refills every other day.  I use only bottled water.


Hans and Fritz have  Yesterday's News.  
The boys  are major shredders! 

09/06/06 **I have since switched to wood stove pellets.  Be sure to get the kind without accelerant

Fritz likes to dig his litter out when it gets wet.  I replace litter each day for Hans and Fritz.. Both boys sometimes use their litter boxes and beds.

                                  Play Time

EveryBunny gets an opportunity to hop out of their areas every day.. Sometimes, in the mornings but more often in the evening.  I supervise each bunny when they are fancy-free. Some need  more supervision than others. Fritz is a digger and an dancer. Every door must be closed when he is out. Once, I noticed him coming out from under the cabinet where the pots and pans are stored. This boy has even checked out the bathtub. 

Hans, on the other hand is the sweetest bunny in the world.  He races around through the bunny tunnels and boxes, checks out the girl's room door just in case it might be open, and then flops down and stretches out.  Hans is my Rabbit Paper Racer.  He delights in finding a piece of paper then claiming it for his own. He prances around proudly with it in his mouth.

Mr Fritz, Hans & Miss Bea are all bonded bunns now*  New pics soons

Miss Bea gets her play time last when the house is quiet. She is very timid and seems to do better when activity is at  a minimum.  I've had her six years and only lately will she attempt to take a treat from my hand while she is out. And I have learned never to let that girl out for any period of time in the daytime.  She will hunt until she finds a place to hide-out.  Once she was under the dishwasher. Oh My!

Empty toilet and paper towel rolls are enjoyed by everybunny.  Wood chew blocks are a favorite as well. During the warmer months, I buy wooden grilling chips. Yes, the type that go in barbecue grills.  Even mesquite grill flavored is welcome. Straw paper plate holders are great for bunns to nibble. All the buns have an asortment of toys - baby keys, jingle balls and "eat-me-up" bunny  baskets.  Most show no more than a passing interest in these, however Miss Bea  will roll their big jingle balls to get my attention. 

My living room is "Bunny Land".  Bunny Land
features many boxes with connecting tunnels
(weed-eaterboxes make great tunnels). The
bunny swimming pool has a connecting
tunnel,.for convenience, of course.  A three story cardboard bunny house completes the decor.

Sometimes, I fill the bunny pool with
shredded newspaper and everybunny
loves digging in that, but they do tend to
"pee in the pool". Right now the pool has no
newspaper but boasts a communal hay basket.  Apparently, hay outside of one's immediate area just tastes better.  I'm just guessing.

Since Mr Fritz, Hans, & Miss Bea ae bonded bunnies. they share ne big enclosure in a bunny bedroom/  I use the folding portable exrecise pens to partition off the room.

*Notes about th  Marchioro Tommy   bnny home

Tjis a a l;arge roomy home- solid bottom and easy to maintain.

It has two doors on the front  tplus a top opening.  The door opening was a major problem for Hans since the door opened down making a ramp of sorts, an open wire ramp at that.

The wire ramp needed to be covered with a towel to avoid Han's little bunny feet from going through the wire.

For a s a "come and go" bunny-meaning one that hops in and out of his cage at his leisure. the ramp may cause problems.

Here is my solution:

Remove the door entirely and then  hang it up-side down.  Then when play time is over, just  hook it on at the top and secure the usual way.  


Bonded bunnies are a joy indeed.  I've often heard that it is most difficult to bond two bunny boys, but it has been my experience that bunnies will choose their mates.  Harry and EarlGrey were mates and Rocky Loved Harry as well but had no use at all for EarlGrey.

I never would have believed that Mr Fritz and Hans would ever be friends but Hans was persistant. He never gave up and he finally won out.  Hans takes courage from his big friend and Fritz doesn't get into as much trouble as he used to.  Seeing t hem together is a joy to be sure.  It is true bunny bliss. All four bunnies in the end were friends so when Velvet left , the rest had each other.

Fritz used to defend his cage with a passion and has been known to take a bite to prove his point.. Miss Bea was equally passionate, defending her area with
warning grunts.but I've never got a nip from anybunny except Fritz.

Hans is the love bunny of my group.  He is sweet to all and never nips or grunts even when the others steal his hay from under his nose.


Withthree  rabbits molting at the same time, things can get a bit "harey".  I take my bunnies to the bathrom sink, place them on a towel and try to brush and comb away all the loose hair.  Then since rabbit hair is so fine and fly-away, I make use of the vaccum brush attachment.  I place the vaccum outside the bathroom door and just pull  the hose through.  It's quick! And nobunny  has totally freaked out yet, but then again, I haven't tried this method on Fritz. Oh my!

An easier method is to get a large pan of warm water. Put the bunny on a towel on the table and brush and comb.  Rinse the brush out in the water.  The water keeps the fluff down. Careful with those wire bristle brushes!
Spaying, Neutering and Vet Visits

All my rabbits are spayed or neutered. Even if you plan never to breed, this makes for happy healthy rabbits.

Bunnies will need thier nails trimmed too.

Everybunny gets a vet visit at least once a year.  
More often of course if there is any hint of a problem.


This page was last updated on: March 12, 2009
My first rabbits,  Harry  & his pa, Earl Grey
Information on Spay & Neuter
Bunny Notes

Bunny               Breed                                   Color                     Weight              Age

Miss Bea     Netherland Dwarf                  Wild Agouti              5                        8+

Mr. Fritz       New Zealand White                  White                     8                          7

Hans Solo            Dutch                       Chocolate & Vanilla      5                         7

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