100 Things About Me
1.   I am 55 years old
2.   I am a classic Taurus
3.   My personality type is ENFJ
4.   I have two sons.
5.   I've been married almost 30 years.(to the same person.. Imagine that!)
6.   I never liked my middle name
7.   I hate it when people automatically use my nick name -They need to know me a while first.
8.   I have always been a "HARE"  - dEboRAH
9.   I adore cliques. My Favorite  "... as poor as the shadow of a chicken that starved to death."
                                                    (Better think up another one.. that  is a mere shadow)  :)                                

10.  Pink and Purple are my favorite colors.
11.  I would decorate a room totally in primary colors.
12.  I would decorate a room in pastels.
13.  I know how to crochet
14.  I have made all of my own clothes.
15.  My career aspirations are: (in order of importance)
      1. Zoo Train Engineer
      2.Merry-Go-Round Operator
      3. Elephant Washer
      4. Driver of the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile
      5. Clown
      6. Greeter at a Retail Store
16.  I know how shoes are made, beginning to end.
17.  I have been an executive secretary
18.  I've been published and paid for my words
19.  I can think in rhyme
20.  I love all rabbits and have four house rabbits at home to love.
21.  I have three  brothers and one sister.
22.  I am the oldest child in my family
23. My husband and I lived within 3 miles of each other and had some of the same teachers but never met.
24. I have worked in a KFC. met my husband there and gave him the wrong order
25. I have worked as a PBX operator for a large hospital
26. I have worked as a monitor tech for am acute care heart unit
27. I am learning Portuguese!
28. Friends are important to me.
29. I insist on sending hand-written thank-you notes upon receiving a gift
30. I like broccoli
31. I have milked a cow and churned butter
32. I have canned vegetables and made jam.
33. I enjoy Shakespeare.
34. I enjoy reading poems aloud.
35. I like Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson and Sara Teasdale.
36. I know the distinct difference between need and want
37. I had a crush on Glen Campbell as a teenager
38. I drive a pick-up truck.
39. I am allergic to cats.
40. I am also allergic to grass and trees and rabbit hair
41. I enjoy biscuits and gravy for breakfast... sometimes....
42. I am a lousy speller.
43. Hyacinths and lilacs are my favorite flowers.
44. I like Jovan's White or Vanilla Musk perfume.
45. I shop in Dollar Stores.
46. I like giving things to other people.
47. I was born in Arkansas.
48. I have seen the Grand Canyon and Death Valley
49. I wear only skirts and tops, of course
50. I haven't cut my hair since 1976.
51, I have no gall bladder or appendix.
52. I love to read.---LARGE PRINT these days
53. I like blue grass music and folk ballads.
54. "Ashokan Farewell" from Ken Burn's Civil War moves me.(it's hauntingly sweet and sad at the same time.
55. My favorite verse of Amazing Grace is the 3rd and the last one.
56. I have been loved.
57. I am not a morning person.
58. I like going barefoot.
59. I adore creeks that sing.
60. I have been to a Pavarotti concert.
61. I have been to a Cher Concert. (long ago)
62. I have lived in Michigan and didn't like it.
63. I taught my son how to read... (a wondrous experience)
64, I like Dick, Jane and Sally-they seem like old f riends.
65. I detest lists.
66. When I write, I never know how a story will end.
67. I still enjoy fairy tales.
68, I like the smell of cinnamon, apple pie spice and cloves.
69. I like to fish.
70. I am mechanically and directionally challenged.
71. I like rice with salt, milk and butter.
72. I like Eagles.
73. I like being funny.
74. I can make cornbread an entire meal.
75. I wish I had very long hair.
76. I like mayonaise not mustard.
77. I believe Hebrews 13:8
78. I prefer simple jewelry- my favorite is a tiny gold hare on a chain.
79. I have attended college for one semester.
80. I like to dig and plant.
81. I hate taking pills.
82. I have broken my ankle (skating on ice wearing cowboy boots)
83. I have picked poke salad, cooked it, liked it, and would do it again if I could find some
84. I cry during sad movies.
85. I can be very stubborn.
86. I have picked huckleberries.
87. I think Huckleberry Finn was a cool character.
88. I would have dated Mark Twain
89. I do not like belts.
90. I like buttermilk.
91. I like fruit cake.
92. I am a diabetic.
93. I like lacy feminine things but have a tomboy heart.
94. I am delighted in small things.
95. I suffer from Alektorophobia- (Fear of chickens.)
96. I like listening to music in languages I don't understand.
97. I am a poor house keeper sometimes.
98. I snore.
99. Valentine's Day is special to me (I have every Valentine My Husband ever sent)
100. I refuse to buy stuffed animals with "weird" eyes.

101.I sing along with the radio
102. I LOVE all rabbits.

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